Opaque Melodies that Would Bug Most People (2015)

New full length poetry collection. Cover art by esteemed Memphis artist, Pinkney Herbert.

From After the Pause Books, $8. The publisher is donating all proceeds to the Mid-South Food Bank.

“In one of the poems in his new collection, Corey Mesler writes: The sky is the/color of Jean Gabin. It’s offbeat, but grounded, insightful and even beautiful—which pretty much describes the poems in this book. Mesler is a poet of the suburbs and the cities, one who moves through childhood to adulthood while deftly trying to comprehend what life is up to and is doing to him. And there’s much on the plate, from birth to death and everything in between, all chronicled with Mesler’s bright shafts of poetic brilliance. The longest poem in the book “Travelers” could be an anthem for a Generation and the Country itself. Opaque Melodies That Would Bug Most People will bug you with delight and a new, profound way of seeing the world.”

Tim Suermondt, author of Just Beautiful and Trying to Help the Elephant Man Dance

Order it here: http://www.burkesbooks.com/shop/burkes/156178.html?id=dEZNSZcF&mv_pc=110

Opaque Melodies cover