The Sky Needs More Work (2014)



Now available as a print edition ($11.99) which can be ordered HERE.

I have a brand new full-length poetry collection, The Sky Needs More Work (Upper Rubber Boot Books) that is, ahem, ebook only. As anyone who knows me knows I am all about paper (I own an antiquarian bookstore, for God’s sake) but this is kinda lovely and, for those with readers, a less expensive way to read me. Yes?
Beautiful cover art, once again, from Rebecca Tickle.

“Mesler’s is again a poetry manifesting, indeed, sustaining–the Memphis school. Wm. Carlos Williams and numerous others would find it substantial and elucidating of the all the contraries to the idealized lumpen life. The bottom falls away from it, the foundations, the bases, and one is put on notices to be aware of what lives live within the one we live. Merely by seeing in language. A poetry that does not need explaining, abjures it explicitly.”

Gordon Osing, author of Theaters of Skin, and La Belle Dame

I’m new at this so I don’t even fully understand how it all works…but here are various links to buying it (use Kobo or Weightless if possible):

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