Robert Walker: A Novel (2016)

Robert Walker: A Novel 
Livingston Press (2016)
Hardcover $30 Paperback 17.95

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“In Robert Walker, Corey Mesler has created a protagonist who pulls us into his world and forces us to see the world as he experiences it. Lucky for readers that this world is made perfect by its flaws. A vivid portrait of Memphis and the people who we often choose not to see.”

Courtney Miller Santo, author of Three Story House and The Roots of the Olive Tree


 “Robert Walker, the main character of Corey Mesler’s book of the same name is a man adrift in Memphis. Walker is homeless and he moves through the city connecting with both his own past and the city’s needy and vulnerable. Readers will find something gentle, wise and moving in these pages.”

Darcey Steinke, author of Sister Golden Hair and Suicide Blonde

“In Corey Mesler’s Robert Walker, our senses are stretched taut in this immersive ride into the underworld of the homeless and the lost.”

Morowa Yejidé, Author of Time of the Locust


“Richly imagined, intense and vivid, Corey Mesler’s Robert Walker will take you down some byways you haven’t trod before.  Mesler writes with rare energy in this well-told tale.  A memorable novel.”

Steve Yarbrough, author of Visible Spirits and The Realm of Last Chances

 “I read Corey’s new novel ROBERT WALKER in one sitting yesterday because every time I put it to one side to do something else I found myself picking it back up again just to read a little bit more. I want to talk about it to lots of people, especially people who knew Jerry Hoffman, Dancing Jimmy and a few other Memphis luminaries vaguely or specifically referenced in it.”

–Chris Ellis, star of The Devil’s Rejects and The Dark Knight Rises

“In his ninth novel, Robert Walker, Corey Mesler imagines his way past our usual discourse to enter the mind and heart of one homeless man wandering the streets of Memphis. Robert Walker is sorely in need of practical aid of many kinds, but his suffering is deeper and more profound than any material help can touch…Mesler’s fiction never seems to take itself too seriously, and Robert Walker is no exception, despite its fundamentally tragic subject. It’s a bittersweet novel with a big heart that seeks to stretch the heart of the reader.”

Maria Browning, Chapter 16


“Mesler knows his city, and he knows the way into a character and how to make that character comfortable in his own skin, in his own life as bleak as it may be, and how he or she might react to any given situation…The magic of fiction is that it puts worlds in our heads—real or imagined—and it’s there that a landscape takes shape with its own roads and parks and buildings. Mesler has given us a map for the life of Robert Walker, and it’s a world as familiar as our own backyard.”

Richard J. Alley, Memphis Magazine

“In this novel we step into the dirty, worn down, ill-fitting shoes a homeless person might wear and we walk the walk. In this case through the streets and alleys and neighborhoods, good and bad, that make up Memphis, TN. Robert Walker is written from a place of deep compassion and empathy for all that lives and breathes. Most highly recommended.”

Susan Tepper, author of Dear Petrov and The Merrill Diaries


I am especially proud of this endorsement for my novel, Robert Walker, since it came from Pat Morgan, whose book, The Concrete Killing Fields, is a study of the homeless in Memphis.

“Corey Mesler’s latest novel, Robert Walker, is a gem, a realistic story about a fictional, middle-aged, homeless man who’ll steal your heart. What makes the book so special is that it gently leads the reader to a fuller understanding of the losses and traumatic events that so often lead to sleeping on the streets or in shelters or in jails. I quickly found myself intrigued by “Robert Walker,” still well enough to know that he has problems, but sick enough to simply continue trudging through the streets, parks, soup kitchens and other outreach programs along the well-beaten path of homelessness in Memphis, Tennessee. Luckily, that path includes a program (fictional) where he finds a measure of understanding, healing, and hope, all of which are critical to recovering from, and exiting homelessness, something the author clearly understands. Read this gentle book and you may well have a better understanding of homelessness.”
Pat Morgan, author of The Concrete Killing Fields

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