The Agoraphobe’s Pandiculations (2006)

The Agoraphobe’s Pandiculations

Little Poem Press, 2006

$10.00 paperback

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The Agoraphobe’s Pandiculations absolutely nails the condition to the wall, examines it with a magnifying glass, and rings completely true throughout.  Having spent two decades living in the cage, I was reminded over and over that this is an experience that is simultaneously universal and unique.  It is indeed good to know that there are fellow travelers on the journey.  Congrats on a terrific collection.  I can’t say enough good things about it.”
David Dawson, writer

“Mesler is one of the few truly unique voices in the small press scene today.  Direct, surprising, often profound, his poetry / prose combo conjures a language that inspires me as few writers do.  In these chaps are gems that leave their images long after the reading.”

L. Ward Abel,  Author of Peach Box and Verge and Jonesing for Byzantium.

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