Following Richard Brautigan (2006)

Following Richard Brautigan (chapbook)

Out of print.

Plan B Press, 2006

“This excerpt is an enjoyable read—lots of folks will find common ground here, I think—I know I do, we just read it aloud—lots of chuckles.  I wonder how many of us stood up there at the top of the stairs in City Lights, wondering what we were doing there.  “
Bill Ryan, editor of turnrow

 “a young poet obsessed in his pursuit of the muse finds that his travels land him not in touch with his idol, but in a parallel not expected”
ruth weiss (from the Foreword)

“Mesler (to beat a cliché dead) puts you in his shoes, makes you walk his steps and invites you to feel every moment of triumph and failure. For any human being capable of feeling a fraction of his passion, Following Richard Brautigan will remind you of some part of your life or inspire you to begin a new life and simply sit back and enjoy where it takes you.”
William M. Brandon III, contest judge (from the Judge’s Appreciation)

“Great stuff in the voice you’ve mastered—funnysad, unapologetically celebratory, lyric. You may end up being remembered as the great chronicler of the 60’s, and you were only born yesterday.”
Steve Stern, author of The Angel of Forgetfulness

Cover photo by Alisa Botto.

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