MY 2018 (as if you cared): PART TWO

MY 2018 (as if you cared): PART TWO


AND, at the end of every year, or at the beginning of the next year, I read a BIG classic that I’ve always meant to read. It helps chip away at that “Must-read list” and it helps to slow me down amid or after the tumult of the holiday season.

This year’s classic: Stendhal’s The Red and the Black.


Things that made me happy this year: Jessica Lange shopping at Burke’s. The showing of the film I wrote, directed by Don Meyers, Hypnotic Induction, at a number of festivals. Penny Hardaway.  The mid-term elections, sort of. The publication of my poetry collection, Madstones. The continuing positive influence of pickleball in my life. Our funky little bookstore, which just keeps chugging along. My wife, Cheryl, who only gets sweeter, smarter and prettier every year. Toby, Marda, Chloe, Saskia, the most heartening family a man could hope for.

And, of course you know: Sylvi, Sylvi, Sylvi Jean Mesler.


2 responses to “MY 2018 (as if you cared): PART TWO

  1. Fredric Koeppel

    you are truly blessed. Have a wonderful 2019, dear friend.

  2. You also.

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