Monthly Archives: April 2016

One new poem

…Here in The Whale:

“I went to the river because it moved” by Corey Mesler

One new poem

…handsomely illustrated, here in The Machinery:

Me free

For all ye who read books electronically, did ye know that a couple of my books are available for free? Yeah, free. Here:

and here:

You’re welcome.

A sneak peek

A sneak peek at the cover for my novel, Robert Walker, coming in September from Livingston Press.

Photographer: David Tankersley
Male model: Jon Sparks

Robert Walker cover1

Another one sentence poem

…here again at One Sentence Poems (sorry I didn’t do them both at once):

A one-sentence poem

….here at One Sentence Poems (from the good people who brought you Right Hand Pointing: