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A plug

“This gentleman is a heck of an author. His novel, ‘Memphis Movie,’ was recommended by friends of mine and he is an exceptional talent.”
–Tom Shadyac, director of ‘Patch Adams’ and ‘I Am.’

Tom Shadyac

Tom Shadyac and Me

If you’re interested in hearing me on Tom Shadyac’s radio show here’s how. Click the link below. Then at the bottom of the page click the Menu button (lower left hand corner). Then click on “On demand streaming.” If you quit at this point in the maze I forgive you. Next, in the drop down box, click on “Tell-Me-More with Tom Shadyac, 03-21-16.”

Thanks for persevering…if you do.

3 new poems

….here in Alebrijes:

The Prince of Tides Literary Prize


I think they’re doing some other kind of voting today but, more importantly, my little novel, Memphis Movie, is a finalist for the Prince of Tides Literary Prize. Looking at the other pikers up for the same award (Ron Rash, Tom Piazza, George Singleton, Pamela Durbin, et al) I’m practically a shoe-in.


One new poem

…here at Clementine Unbound: