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One new poem

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More from Peter Coyote–P

“I can’t tell you the number of “film” books I receive–it’s the shadow side of being an actor. Knowing how hard it is to finish a book, I usually try manfully to read what’s submitted, if only out of respect for the author’s struggle. I felt that way when I opened Memphis Movie. I felt that way until around the second sentence, from which point on I was charmed, entertained, jealous (that I had not written it) and moved to contact the writer to a) introduce him to my publisher and b) try to get someone to make this wonderful book into a film. There are characters in here that any actor would crawl across broken glass to play. It’s fresh, well-observed, true to everything I know about the world of film (140+ films ought to qualify me as knowledgeable) and on top of it all, so much fun, that when I finished it (the first time) I felt like I was saying good-bye to an old friend and had to start again.”
Peter Coyote, star of E. T. and Northfork, and author of The Rainman’s Third Cure


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Two new poems

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