My friend, Shlomo, says:

“[Memphis Movie] is a masterwork, Corey. As Seymour said to Buddy, all your stars were out when you wrote it. So many breathtaking moves, I kept wondering: How does he do it? Prose as nimble as Baryshnikov, imagery to die for, and the control of some kind of a sorcerer alchemist lens-grinder. Kick your computer to pieces; you’ll never write so well again. If this book gets the recognition it deserves, you’ll be a constellation. And oh yeah, I really liked it.”
Steve Stern, author of The Frozen Rabbi and the Jewish Book Award winning, The Wedding Jester

4 responses to “My friend, Shlomo, says:

  1. Talk about good reviews. You certainly get them.

  2. Lucky to have writer friends.

  3. OMG!!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book and I’m not an avid reader AT ALL but,Corey Mesler has awoken a craving in me for his next written word. His writing is so fascinating that I won’t put anything he writes down until I’ve finished it in one fell swoop!! NO BOOK MARKS HERE!!!!!

  4. Thank you, MD. Come get your copy!!

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