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New poetry collection

My new poetry collection, The Sky Needs More Work, formerly only an ebook, is now available in a version made of paper and glue. And it’s available at my very own bookstore. If you’d like to order a signed or inscribed copy do it HERE.


First draft

Friends, today I wrote two of the most hopeful and satisfying words in our language: The End.

I finished the first draft of a novel that began unspooling on Sunday, May 20th, 2012, 12:39 p.m. It netted out at 266,074 words, making it 200,000 words longer than anything else I have written. Perhaps it was a fool’s journey. Perhaps, when I begin the long task ahead of editing I will wonder what the hell I thought I was doing. But this morning, right now, I feel like a god.

One new poem

…here in The Rusty Nail:

My page at MadHat Press

Two blurbs

Today I feel lucky because I got these two wonderful early blurbs, from two formidable authors, for my next novel, Robert Walker, which will appear about a year from now from Livingston Press.


“In Robert Walker, Corey Mesler has created a protagonist who pulls us into his world and forces us to see the world as he experiences it. Lucky for readers that this world is made perfect by its flaws. A vivid portrait of Memphis and the people who we often choose not to see.”

Courtney Miller Santo, author of Three Story House and The Roots of the Olive Tree



“Robert Walker, the main character of Corey Mesler’s book of the same name is a man adrift in Memphis. Walker is homeless and he moves through the city connecting with both his own past and the cities needy and vulnerable. Readers will find something gentle, wise and moving in these pages.”

Darcey Steinke, author of Sister Golden Hair and Suicide Blonde