One new poem

…here in Fermata:

4 responses to “One new poem

  1. margaret skinner

    CM, this poem just feels so strong.  I imagine you flexing your muscles, which leaves me with a good vibe that might last the entire day, an unusual mood for me.

    You friend, Old Mag

  2. Thanks, Maggie. I will take your affirmation out into the day with me.

  3. Corey, I’m your biggest silent and unknown fan, I wish for you many disconnected thoughts together with enough brain-room for every moment to be devoted to connecting them. You make language an art. My question from today’s mind wander…. Why is Justice portrayed as a Woman? Best, Carol Sams Schreiber

    • Hi. I know you. You’re an amazing artist.
      I am glad you didn’t stay completely silent or I wouldn’t now be feeling puffed up and writerly. What a kind thing to write and say nice things to me. Thanks so much.
      Why is Justice a Woman? Is she? Maybe because, as David Byrne says, “The world turns on a woman’s hips.”

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