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Cover art

Here is the cover of my forthcoming book of stories, As a Child, from MadHat Press. I think it’s staggeringly good, mostly because of the transcendental painting by the ridiculously talented mage (and my pal) Tim Crowder. Many thanks to him and to MadHat for caring what a book looks like.


As a Child Final Cover192



One new poem

…here in Exfic:

A new novel

I just got word from Livingston Press that they have accepted my novel, Robert Walker, for publication in late 2015 or early 2016.  I am  as happy as a rose-tree in sunshine.

Two new poems

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One new poem

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One more blurb

One more blurb for my forthcoming book of stories, As a Child (MadHat Press, 2015):

“Corey Mesler has unhinged my brain and filled it with words so artfully arranged that they make me want to weep with envy. He blurs the lines between prose and song so that the writer becomes the singer: observant, lyrical, and passionate. Every story in As a Child is a treat.
Laura Benedict, author of Bliss House and Isabella Moon

Another new story

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