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My new full-length poetry collection


I have a brand new full-length poetry collection, The Sky Needs More Work (Upper Rubber Boot Books) that is, ahem, ebook only. As anyone who knows me knows I am all about paper (I own an antiquarian bookstore, for God’s sake) but this is kinda lovely and, for those with readers, a less expensive way to read me. Yes?
Beautiful cover art, once again, from Rebecca Tickle.

I’m new at this so I don’t even fully understand how it all works…but here are various links to buying it (use Kobo or Weightless if possible):




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My Whitman Poem

…here in Pea River Journal:

Advance word

Advance word from wonderful Susan Cushman and her blog regarding my forthcoming ebook, The Sky Needs More Work:

One new poem

….here in Peeking Cat:

I am in issue 2/3.

One new poem

…Here in Curator:

A nice plug

A nice plug for my latest poetry collection from the crackerjack poet Tim Suermondt:

The Catastrophe of my Personality is intelligent, moving, and often funky. And what I really like is that the poems, like the best of poems, aren’t afraid to converse with the strangeness of the world and thus make the poet’s personal strangeness universal. ‘The river is languorous/because we want the river/to be languorous.’ Who says poetry makes nothing happen? The poetry in this book makes many things happen, even the miraculous, and we’re all the better because of it. They’re all fine, but the poems that struck me in particular were “Paper Dolls” “Last Night I went to Kenneth Street” “Sleeping in a Box” “Why Gayla” “Art and Love” “Steal this Love” “Picture of the Poet Reading” “Only without God” and “Tell Me How Tomorrow Will Be.”
Tim Suermondt, author of Just Beautiful