A Movie Starring Me


Filmmaker Willy Bearden (see his and David Tankersley’s movie “One Came Home”–it’s quite beautiful) filmed my recent reading. My publisher suggested filming it and I was thinking, of course, of a digital or phone-made movie. Or perhaps a cartoon. Willy was kind enough to do it up right. I think I look ok, not too antiquated and only slightly palsied. But, you work with what you got.
For all who didn’t come to the reading and wanted to, and for those who came and just can’t get enough of me:


Oh, and doesn’t Chloe look beautiful?


2 responses to “A Movie Starring Me

  1. This film is almost as good as having been there. Please sign a book for me, Corey, and I’ll be along Thursday to pick it up.

    Margaret Skinner

  2. Thanks, Maggie. I will do that.

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