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Signing and Reading, May 1st


for his new full-length poetry collection, The Catastrophe of my Personality
(Blue Hour Books, $15)
also signing with him, Chloe Mesler
who did the original artwork for the book’s cover

Thursday, May 1st from 5:30 to & p.m.

Burke’s Book Store
936 S. Cooper St.
Memphis TN 38104
(901) 278-7484

If unable to attend copies can be ordered signed or inscribed.

One new poem

…here in Electric Windmill:

My page is on page one. Thanks for reading.

3 new poems

….here in Mouth:

A new blurb

A blurb for my new poetry collection, The Catastrophe of my Personality, from my friend, Steve Stern:

“These new poems, much like his old poems, seem to have a pipeline to the archetypes.  Mesler repeatedly examines the flip-side of the coins laid over the eyes of pain and find laughter.  It’s been so much fun knowing him so long and having some inkling—presumptuously I admit–of how he’s gotten here from there.   It’s an issue we can discuss for the rest of our lives.”

Steve Stern, author of the Jewish Book Award Winning, The Wedding Jester