A terrific blurb

This morning, a morning of dark clouds and anxiety, I received this sunny blurb for my forthcoming poetry collection, The Catastrophe of my Personality,  that blew away some of the blues.  It is from the estimable Rich Lyons.

“In one of his long series, Odysseus Elytis capitalizes this slogan:  “One ‘Makes’ The Truth Exactly As One Makes The Lie.” The Catastrophe of my Personality is Mesler’s plainspoken love letter to the world.  It values the fragility of everything we make—a love, a fear, a lie, a house, a poem.  It knows that our longing to create is both ravenous treasure and terrifying cancer.  Each poem is a momentary stay against loss and change, and Mesler knows there is more to life than poetry making.  This book urges us to seize the ephemeral in our constructions and admit to the ephemeral beyond them.”

Richard Lyons, author of Hours of the Cardinal



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