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My new blurb


A sterling blurb from the exceptional writer, Kelly Cherry, for my forthcoming poetry book, The Catastrophe of my Personality (Blue Hour Press, March 2014):


“Mesler’s poems bear a family resemblance to the excellent poetry of Kay Ryan and Tim Suermondt but chances are you have not read poems exactly like his. Inimitable, sometimes surreal or synthetic (joining the possible with the impossible), never illogical but willing to take brave leaps, his poems are as individual as he is, original, engaging, goofy, and smart as blazes. Who else has noticed that a poem is a “shaky little pudding”?!  And the nine-liner ‘Naming’ is one of many triumphs here.”

Kelly Cherry, author of The Life and Death of Poetry: Poems


A Saskia poem

…here in Vox Poetica:


Saskia at fence

Two new poems, one for Julie Delpy

Here in Ishaan Review:

Two new longish poems, one for my sister

…here at Iron Gall Press:


A Saskia poem


Here in Germ Magazine:

A whole flock of poems

…here in Chapbook Journal:

Each writer is given a chapbook sized number of pages. The print edition is basically all these chapbooks bound together but you can read it here for free. Just keep hitting the right arrow. My chapbook, “Body” is the first one.

Thanks for reading.

One wee story to start the new year

Here at Grey Sparrow: