A mini-review in the Commercial Appeal

Diddy-Wah-Diddy is a bawdy and boisterous collection of tales resurrecting the old Beale Street of legend, the chapters somewhat loosely connected by reappearing characters such as Sweet Annie Divine, who started singing in juke joints at 16 and ‘died of the drink in a Memphis boarding house’ after recording ‘I’m a Drunk in a Memphis Boarding House.

The stories begin with a love triangle that involves an irresistible stripper, a gangster who’s also a werewolf, and a drummer who turns devil to win back the woman he loves. The gangster/werewolf isn’t easily defeated, as the stripper, Arms Akimbo, learns when she consults a witch who lives near Central High and returns ‘heading toward hell armed with a tumbler full of tepid water.’

The tales, written in a raucous freestyle reminiscent of early Tom Robbins, roam a mythical Beale Street history that takes in Santa Claus, witches, the devil in many guises and, of course, Elvis.”

Peggy Burch, in The Memphis Commercial Appeal

One response to “A mini-review in the Commercial Appeal

  1. bean1ctr@aol.com

    saw this in the paper…just a little while ago. Nice!

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