Cover art

I am thrilled to present the cover art for my forthcoming poetry book, The Catastrophe of my Personality (Blue Hour Press, 2014).
The piece is called “The Web” and the artist is my talented and beloved daughter Chloe. Thanks to her and thanks to the good folks at Blue Hour.
Catastrophe Chloe

3 responses to “Cover art

  1. Critique of cover art:
    WOW Corey. I don’t know what others think of Chloe’s awesome artwork, but I’m speechless. She’s drawn an aura – I say that because tue “web” isn’t confining, but in fact DEfining the image! …or, one cannot exist without the other. It’s our own personal essence that defines each of us.

    And the “background”. Corey, I see this as the infinite particles of matter and/or energy that we all move through every moment of our life.

    I would say this IS a picture of life…infinite and everlasting.

    Amazing. Chloe is one heck of an artist and possesses a gift most don’t ever “see” ~ this balance and dance of the universe.

  2. margaret skinner



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