A new blurb

A new blurb for my forthcoming poetry collection, The Catastrophe of my Personality (Blue Hour Press, 2014.) I don’t know John Dorsey (my publisher hooked him up with the manuscript) but now I want to have his children.

“Corey Mesler is that rare writer who defies labels. Neither  academic or of the underground street variety. His work is as varied as it is strong. I have been lucky enough to know about Corey for a coon’s age, but am ashamed to say I hadn’t read him nearly enough. What can I say about a guy who mentions Tuesday Weld in his poetry? Just that “The Catastrophe of my Personality” is stunning in its honesty and its simplicity. It’s one of the best books you’re likely to read in any calendar year. I wish I had written it, because it deserves an audience as big as the heart that created it.”
–John Dorsey, Author of “Tombstone Factory,”


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