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Please come


Burke’s Book Store is proud to announce the One-Stop, One-Night-Only Corey Mesler Signing and Reading Extravaganza at Burke’s Book Store on Thursday, November 7th, from 5 to 7:00 PM Corey will read from and sign copies his new collage-novel, Diddy-Wah-Diddy: A Beale Street Suite (Ampersand Books, $16.95 paperback) and his new full-length poetry collection, Our Locust Years (Unbound Content, $16.00). Corey will also be signing his 3 new chapbooks of poetry and prose. Reading will begin at 6 pm. This event coincides with the Cooper Young First Thursday Night Out.


About Diddy-Wah-Diddy: “Corey Mesler writes riotous prose–fluid and lush and crazy. It’s verbally rich and witty–half literary, half hoodoo. Imagine James Joyce on Beale Street with Elvis. Or something like that. Wacky but poignant!”

Bobbie Ann Mason, author of The Girl in the Blue Beret  


About Our Locust Years: “Corey Mesler is a poet of intimacy and honesty with a gift for memorable lines and phrases such as “a chapel shaped like a farm” and “She entered my life / like a battered dresser, all / drawers open . . .” His poems are intimate, wistful, and often erotic. Everyone who owns a book or two by Peter Taylor, who loves the music of Booker T. and MGs and Jessie Winchester, will want to have Corey Mesler on their bookshelves.”


Richard Tillinghast, author of The Stonecutter’s Hand.


Corey Mesler is the author of numerous novels and books of short stories and poetry collections. With his wife Cheryl he owns Burke’s Book Store in Memphis.

If unable to attend copies can be ordered signed or inscribed here:

or by phone 901-278-7484


One new poem

…in Hirschworth (I dig the illustration):

Hey look

I made the Top Ten in both poetry and fiction, here at Contrary Magazine (they picked their favorites from their first ten years of existence). I am humbly honored. Or honorifically humbled:

Two new poems

Here in Sanity Not Guaranteed:

Cover art

I am thrilled to present the cover art for my forthcoming poetry book, The Catastrophe of my Personality (Blue Hour Press, 2014).
The piece is called “The Web” and the artist is my talented and beloved daughter Chloe. Thanks to her and thanks to the good folks at Blue Hour.
Catastrophe Chloe

A new blurb

A new blurb for my forthcoming poetry collection, The Catastrophe of my Personality (Blue Hour Press, 2014.) I don’t know John Dorsey (my publisher hooked him up with the manuscript) but now I want to have his children.

“Corey Mesler is that rare writer who defies labels. Neither  academic or of the underground street variety. His work is as varied as it is strong. I have been lucky enough to know about Corey for a coon’s age, but am ashamed to say I hadn’t read him nearly enough. What can I say about a guy who mentions Tuesday Weld in his poetry? Just that “The Catastrophe of my Personality” is stunning in its honesty and its simplicity. It’s one of the best books you’re likely to read in any calendar year. I wish I had written it, because it deserves an audience as big as the heart that created it.”
–John Dorsey, Author of “Tombstone Factory,”


A blog review

….here, by the tireless promoter of good writing, Susan Cushman, herself a purveyor of beautiful prose: