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Check out this worthy project co-sponsored by Esquire and Narrative Magazines, of which I am part. All proceeds go to charity:


This is how Colum McCann, one of its originators, describes it:

“The ‘How to Be a Man’ project, in partnership with Esquire, is – quite simply – the most ambitious literary project that ANY organization has done in years. The stories are rotated and featured on the site. Anyone can read the main story of the day. The site requests a $5 minimum donation for unlimited access to all the stories, and all proceeds go to N4.

About Narrative 4  (

N4 was founded by a group of authors, artists, musicians, educators, students and activists dedicated to creating social change. We believe the world is forever transformed when we share our stories, and that seeing through other people’s eyes and walking in their shoes amounts to radical empathy. We invite you to join us and become a part of our narrative.”


So, inexplicably, there I am, along with Roddy Doyle, Edna O’Brien, John Wray, Randall Kenan, Jess Walter, Patrick McGrath, Michael Cunningham, Gabriel Byrne, Liz Flock, James Lee Burke, Amy Bloom, Salman Rushdie, Mona Simpson, Ian McEwen, John Berger, Khaled Hossseini, et al. I am humbled and proud to be included.


There will also be a few selected pieces in the May 31st edition of Esquire  Magazine and all the stories will then appear on their website.


meekly, with love and thanks,


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  1. David Tankersley

    Congratulations, doctor!

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