A groovy blurb

From my homeboy, Chris Ellis, for my forthcoming novel, Memphis Movie (Aqueous Books, 2015):

“Corey Mesler’s novel Memphis Movie reads like a train you caught just in time and are glad to be on, no matter where it’s going. What I like about it are the accuracy in which he records the clamor and frenzy and desperation and massively collaborative effort of film production, and that the setting is in my home town, including what I like to hope is the same house I lived in on Rembert 40 years ago. With an intimacy gleaned from somewhere, Corey knows producers and screen writers and all the people involved in film production who keep plates spinning and balls in the air while the meter is running. This is a novel with humor, clarity and soul, and I will give each one of you who buys a copy a shiny 10 cents piece.”
Chris Ellis, star of October Sky and The Dark Knight Rises

One response to “A groovy blurb

  1. Louise Joplin

    Cool beans!

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