My new mass market

The mass market version of my Notes Toward the Story and Other Stories is now available. And a bargain at $6.50 (Buy some for all your friends!) Published by Kuboa Editions.
Beautiful cover art by Carlos Gonzalez.

(The original trade paperback edition is officially out of print but Burke’s still has some copies left.)

“Corey Mesler’s stories give shimmer and depth to the most outlandish and most commonplace of experiences. By turns piercingly funny and sneakily heartrending, Notes Toward the Story and Other Stories touches the real corners of life while also showing, with great tenderness, the way we seek to elevate ourselves, our condition, the everydayness of our everyday lives, to a level of epic grandeur. And Mesler shows us how the effort itself—the sincerity of it, the yearning behind it—becomes the grandest thing of all.”

Megan Abbott, author of Bury Me Deep and The End of Everything


Come by Burke’s for it, or order it here, signed or inscribed, if you like that: Notes Toward the Story mass market


Notes (final)



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