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My new chapbook


This is to announce the publication of my new chapbook, Mitmensch (Folded Word Press). $8.50

You may order it here, signed or inscribed:

Here is what the publisher said about it:

In this chapbook, Corey Mesler invokes the specter of a man known only as Mitmensch. Poem by poem, a variety of speakers construct a shadowy portrait of this man. Frustrated artist. Ruthless business man. Demi-god. Mitmensch’s “shifting geography” leaves all who come into contact with him guessing. Mesler’s wit and evocative language enhance this mystery, making Mitmensch rise from the pages “slowly, like a uniform unfolding” to reveal himself to those brave enough to seek him.

Here are some blurbs:

“Mesler is one of the truly unique voices of our time…like a slide-guitar Browning, he addresses the reader personally, and you will listen. I find myself getting lost in the metaphors, at first deceptively simple, but in the end profound…and true.”
–Ward Abel, author of Cousins over Colder Fields and American Bruise

“Mesler’s poetry is the sky.”
–Cassie Premo Steele, author of Ruin and We Heal from Memory

“Whether he’s reporting from the bowels of the Piggly Wiggly or the capacious birthing canal of an alien on the planet Sniff, the lambent haecceity of Corey Mesler never fails to shine through time and space and the sulfurous stench of the human heart. We are all Mitmensch.”
–Linda Heck, singer-songwriter, whose latest cd is entitled Transformed

“Mitmensch is Corey Mesler’s natural tale-spinning ability in miniature, emblazoned on pages that expected just another book of poetry. As always, he surprises in the best of ways – his unconventional style changes pillowed between poems that turn on his unique use of metaphor. Mitmensch was surprising and unexpected and lovely and filthy and right and wrong and I loved it.”
–Jessica Dawson, author of Fossil Fuels

“In this series of linked poems, Mesler paints a portrait of an Everyman: Mitmensch, who “knows there is feeling here somewhere” in these lives that are like “a message that never gets through.” He “was once a god among bugs” but now is trying to convince his coworkers he’s a genius. He’s “hungry for… a little more of everything.” Mesler shows us again why he’s one of the most widely published writers out there.”
–CL Bledsoe, author Man of Clay and The Saviors



Mitmensch cover

Esquire/Narrative Magazine



Check out this worthy project co-sponsored by Esquire and Narrative Magazines, of which I am part. All proceeds go to charity:


This is how Colum McCann, one of its originators, describes it:

“The ‘How to Be a Man’ project, in partnership with Esquire, is – quite simply – the most ambitious literary project that ANY organization has done in years. The stories are rotated and featured on the site. Anyone can read the main story of the day. The site requests a $5 minimum donation for unlimited access to all the stories, and all proceeds go to N4.

About Narrative 4  (

N4 was founded by a group of authors, artists, musicians, educators, students and activists dedicated to creating social change. We believe the world is forever transformed when we share our stories, and that seeing through other people’s eyes and walking in their shoes amounts to radical empathy. We invite you to join us and become a part of our narrative.”


So, inexplicably, there I am, along with Roddy Doyle, Edna O’Brien, John Wray, Randall Kenan, Jess Walter, Patrick McGrath, Michael Cunningham, Gabriel Byrne, Liz Flock, James Lee Burke, Amy Bloom, Salman Rushdie, Mona Simpson, Ian McEwen, John Berger, Khaled Hossseini, et al. I am humbled and proud to be included.


There will also be a few selected pieces in the May 31st edition of Esquire  Magazine and all the stories will then appear on their website.


meekly, with love and thanks,


A groovy blurb

From my homeboy, Chris Ellis, for my forthcoming novel, Memphis Movie (Aqueous Books, 2015):

“Corey Mesler’s novel Memphis Movie reads like a train you caught just in time and are glad to be on, no matter where it’s going. What I like about it are the accuracy in which he records the clamor and frenzy and desperation and massively collaborative effort of film production, and that the setting is in my home town, including what I like to hope is the same house I lived in on Rembert 40 years ago. With an intimacy gleaned from somewhere, Corey knows producers and screen writers and all the people involved in film production who keep plates spinning and balls in the air while the meter is running. This is a novel with humor, clarity and soul, and I will give each one of you who buys a copy a shiny 10 cents piece.”
Chris Ellis, star of October Sky and The Dark Knight Rises

My new mass market

The mass market version of my Notes Toward the Story and Other Stories is now available. And a bargain at $6.50 (Buy some for all your friends!) Published by Kuboa Editions.
Beautiful cover art by Carlos Gonzalez.

(The original trade paperback edition is officially out of print but Burke’s still has some copies left.)

“Corey Mesler’s stories give shimmer and depth to the most outlandish and most commonplace of experiences. By turns piercingly funny and sneakily heartrending, Notes Toward the Story and Other Stories touches the real corners of life while also showing, with great tenderness, the way we seek to elevate ourselves, our condition, the everydayness of our everyday lives, to a level of epic grandeur. And Mesler shows us how the effort itself—the sincerity of it, the yearning behind it—becomes the grandest thing of all.”

Megan Abbott, author of Bury Me Deep and The End of Everything


Come by Burke’s for it, or order it here, signed or inscribed, if you like that: Notes Toward the Story mass market


Notes (final)


An excerpt from my forthcoming novel (2015 from Aqueous Books)

Memphis Movie (for which I have glowing blurbs from Ann Beattie, Cary Holladay, Stephen Tobolowsky and Peter Coyote), here in The Prague Revue (look at their beautiful illustration and presentation of the text):

A wee fiction


…here in Rum Punch:

3 new poems


….here, in the always compelling Right Hand Pointing: