A dynamite blurb

I go this dynamite blurb yesterday from one of my heroes, actor/activist/author, Peter Coyote, for my forthcoming novel, Memphis Movie.

“I have difficulty believing that Corey Mesler was not nurtured on celluloid. This dark, funny, mysterious, sexy novel is so spot-on in its recreations of film-land zeitgeist as to be spooky. And nestled cunningly in this highly-entertaining, sheet-ripping romp is a serious and well-crafted book about talent, confidence, memory, loyalty, and the every-day hauntings that happen only to the living. I’ve started it over a second time, and recommend it heartily.”

Peter Coyote, star of E.T. and Northfork, and author of Sleeping Where I Fall


4 responses to “A dynamite blurb

  1. Fredric Koeppel

    that’s stunning…

    • I know. Did I tell you Pete, as I get to call him now, gave the manuscript to his agent in charge of film production? And to his friends, Brad Pitt and Sean Penn?

  2. Congratulations. Maybe Memphis Movie will be a movie!

    • Well, ahem, Pete, as I get to call him, has given the manuscript to his Hollywood agent. And copies to Sean Penn and Brad Pitt. Imagine that.

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