My movie star blurb

Today I got a great blurb for my forthcoming novel, Memphis Movie. Stephen Tobolowsky, if you don’t recognize the name, has been in a million movies and TV shows (Seinfeld, for instance) but is most famous for being Ned Ryerson in “Groundhog Day.”


Memphis Movie is a delight. It is a bright narrative filled with non-stop humor. Its laughs are the best kind.  They come from a keen observation of human aspirations coming in conflict with human weaknesses. The wild assortment of characters seem to lovingly drift toward the “loser” end of the spectrum. However much fun Corey Mesler has in telling their story, he always seems to find their dignity along the way. Highly recommended.”

Stephen Tobolowsky, star of Groundhog Day and author of The Dangerous Animals Club


One response to “My movie star blurb

  1. Great review…he’s just really taken with the novel.


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