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One new poem

…here in the new issue of Streetlight Magazine:

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Two new poems

…here in 13 Magazine:

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Five new poems

…here in Bad Robot Poetry:


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One more poem about my dad

…here in the new issue of Subtle Tea:


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Some Good Things from 2012: A Personal List

Some Good Things from 2012: A Personal List



My son, Toby, graduated from U of M

My daughter’s hunger for good movies grew, now unchecked by age

My wife, inexplicably, stayed with me


Unbound Content accepted my full-length poetry manuscript, Our Locust Years

Aqueous Books accepted my novel, Memphis Movie

Wapschott Press accepted my sexy sci-fi novella, Frank Comma and the Time-Slip and published it in November

I became a drinker of tea

Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric played live at Burke’s

Steve Stern’s signed and read from his new book, The Book of Mischief, at Burke’s

I made new friends, of whom I am very fond