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One new poem…

….here in the new issue of Clutching at Straws:




My new novella

Kith and Kin,

My comic, erotic, science-fiction novella, Frank Comma and the Time-Slip, is now available to order online or in person at my little bookstore.
It comes two ways:

The regular version is $6.50 and can be found here:

The limited edition features the complete stunning cover art by Carlos Gonzalez and costs $10. It can be found here:Frank Comma final


Thanks and happy holidays and keep reading. We’re all feeding each other, as Wavy Gravy said.



The end of the year BIG classic

At the end/beginning of each year I read one BIG classic novel that I’ve been meaning to get to. The idea is to slow down amid the ruckus of the holiday season and take the time to immerse myself in something long and time-honored. And, of course, to fill some of those yawning gaps in my reading.

This year’s 5 finalists are Don Quixote, Bleak House, The Three Musketeers, Cousin Bette, The Wings of the Dove. Any thoughts?

A chapter from my brand new erotic, comic sci-fi novella…

…here in the new issue of Skive Magazine: