The End of the Year BIG Classic

At the end/beginning of each year I read one BIG classic novel that I’ve been meaning to get to. The idea is to slow down amid the ruckus of the holiday season and take the time to immerse myself in something long and time-honored. And, of course, to fill some of those yawning gaps in my reading. Thanks to all who weighed in on my 5 finalists (Liz Flock, I love you, can we still be friends?). My choice: DON QUIXOTE, in the relatively new translation by Edith Grossman.PicassoDonQuixoteSancho

4 responses to “The End of the Year BIG Classic

  1. you didn’t follow your old teacher’s recommendations, but “The Don” is a good choice too. Good luck …

  2. What was your advice? I’ll read it in 2013.

  3. Finally! I have to admit I haven’t read it but I have seen The Man From La Mancha once or twice. I have a friend Jack who teaches Spanish Lit, so he will be happy!

    • I was hoping I didn’t disappoint you about not read Bleak House at the same time you are. Maybe next year for Bleak House. Damn it’s long.

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