A blurb for Frank Comma and the Time-Slip



“An entertainment, Mesler’s short novel is half erotica, half fantasy, and half comedy. It’s for the reader to sort out the math. And as any reader knows, erotica can become repetitive, the Kama Sutra notwithstanding. Mesler overcomes this by having his hero, Frank Comma, who becomes isolated in a time-slip, writes short-short sexual fantasies involving aliens, to entertain himself. Fortunately, these fantasies always have some comic quirk: a gigantic pleasure mate, aliens with transposed sexual organs and so on, in the spirit of Gulliver gone porn. And a side plot develops: Frank Comma has left a son and wife–unwittingly and unwillingly in the real-time Memphis. Lo, in Frank’s time-slip Memphis a porn star appears who gradually, over time-slip years, becomes human. A new son is born. Complications arise, and a quest begins. The plot’s end has a nice twist. Look, this is an entertainment: snuggle up one night and spend two or so hours with it. You’ll giggle and be happy.”

–Joe Taylor, author of Masques for the Fields of Time, and The World’s Thinnest Fat Man

It can be ordered here. 



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