The end of the year BIG classic

At the end/beginning of each year I read one BIG classic novel that I’ve been meaning to get to. The idea is to slow down amid the ruckus of the holiday season and take the time to immerse myself in something long and time-honored. And, of course, to fill some of those yawning gaps in my reading.

This year’s 5 finalists are Don Quixote, Bleak House, The Three Musketeers, Cousin Bette, The Wings of the Dove. Any thoughts?

5 responses to “The end of the year BIG classic

  1. I’m curious to know which air the 5 finalists are pulled out of.

  2. I was dusting the book shelves yesterday and randomly pulled out Bleak House, which I last read in maybe 1973. Looked at the first three or four pages, and boy does it draw you in. Brilliant writing….

  3. I vote for tilting at windmills.

  4. Margaret Skinner

    Thinking Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo comes to mind. As a young girl I wanted to read that same book, but knew it was on the “condemned” list, which made it all the more appealing. When I asked my father about the list, he, a product of the Jesuits, stifled a laugh and said, “Angel, you can read anything you’re interested in. Anything at all.”

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