A blurb

Just got this very nice blurb from a wonderful poet:

“In compellingly direct language, Our Locust Years captures a later-life perspective on anxiety, nostalgia and regret. ‘Eight years ago / my father left // turning out the light / behind him, // leaving me to bake / a pie / with the scarecrow’s bones,’ reads the entirety of ‘Departure.’ Yet there is clever wordplay here, too, as a later poem declares ‘The San Andreas was / not my fault,’ and another confesses ‘I am the invisible man….I will / try to keep my appointments / but I might not show.’ With humor and heart, Corey Mesler writes poems of the most sacred purpose–to navigate a better understanding of this complicated, compromised, but ultimately precious world.”

Sandra Beasley, author of I Was the Jukebox


2 responses to “A blurb

  1. bean1ctr@aol.com

    Can’t wait to read the entire collection!!

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