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…Here in Bareknuckle Poet:


One new poem

…here in Clementine: http://clementinepoetryjournal.com/may-2015/i-awake/

My reading and signing

This is–perhaps–the last I will bother you about Memphis Movie. Here are pictures from last night’s signing. It was humbling and exhilarating. Thank you Good People of Gomorrah.


And in the Memphis Flyer


Interview in the Commercial Appeal

Thanks to John Beifuss and the CA for this interview. What I don’t know is if you can access this link if you’re not a subscriber…but you can try. I believe–I’ve been led to believe–that it will be in the paper paper tomorrow, possibly in a truncated version.

Memphis Movie reviewed

Every writer should have such a smart reviewer. Thanks to Maria and Chapter 16 for this:

Interview with Hypertext Magazine

Chelsea Laine Wells at Hypertext did this in-depth interview about Memphis Movie. Some time today they are adding an excerpt from the novel to their site.

Thanks for reading.