A Gloria Graham poem

….here at Poetry Repairs:


Two new poems, one for Jennifer

….here at the always elegant Right Hand Pointing:


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This is a bit different

I just finished talking on the Huffington Post Live with Judy Greer and Natasha Lyonne. I LOVE these women. I didn’t get to say much but I made them laugh once. Here it is on their site:

Cover art

Coming this month from After the Pause Books, my new full-length poetry collection, Opaque Melodies that Would Bug Most People. Cover art by esteemed Memphis painter, Pinkney Herbert.

Opaque Melodies cover


You know that part of the New York Times Book Review called ‘By the Book,’ where they ask authors, entertainers, whoever, about what they read? Yeah, it’s my favorite part, too. Here is Ann Beattie’s which, I guess, is running this Sunday. You won’t have to read very far to understand why I’m bugging you with this.


One new poem

…here at Upender, with an audio of me reading it, if you can dig that:


A new essay

…here, in the continuing series called As If I Know What I’m Talking About, at the venerable Change Seven: