A poem on the page and in your ear

A new poem here in Kenning Journal, accompanied by an audio of me reading it.

Thanks for reading and/or listening.

The book trailer



Written by Corey Mesler and Cheryl Mesler
Voice over: David Tankersley
Direction and camera work: Willy Bearden
Best girl: Saskia Mesler

A new piece of flash fiction

…or what we used to call a prose poem, here in the elegant After the Pause. If you wanna skip ahead my piece is on p. 76. But there are also 2 great poems by my pal Ward Abel and some nice illustrations. Click on the cover and you can turn the pages with your mouse.


Thanks for reading.

Two new poems

….here in Semaphore Magazine:


A little something about Iris Murdoch

….brought to you by the good folks at Change Seven:


Because they asked me

The good folks at Change Seven, who this week published some of my poems, asked me to riff on the number 7 for their blog.


3 new poems

…in the premier issue of this attractive new ezine, Change Seven:

Thanks for reading.