A little something about Iris Murdoch

….brought to you by the good folks at Change Seven:


Because they asked me

The good folks at Change Seven, who this week published some of my poems, asked me to riff on the number 7 for their blog.


3 new poems

…in the premier issue of this attractive new ezine, Change Seven:

Thanks for reading.


Recently I’ve been doing these silly pictures on Facebook in front of my bookshelves and a few people have been charmed by the idea, including my good friends at Origami Poem Project. They asked me to write a little squib about Shelfies for their newsletter. So it can be found here, along with a nice plug for my upcoming ┬ánovel, “Memphis Movie,” and a link to print out a free DIY copy of my latest chapbook from them, “Stone. ”

Two new poems

…here in Blue Hour:


3 new poems

….here in Rasputin:


One new poem

…here in Snapping Twig: