Talking about me

I am interviewed, here on Author Voices:


Interview with Corey Mesler

Two new poems

…here in Right Hand Pointing (scroll down, they’re near the top):

Reading from Alphabeticon

Here, on YouTube, I read from my newest chapbook, Alphabeticon:

Two new poems

…here at Backchannels Journal:

And the rear cover

…of my novel, Camel’s Bastard Son, coming in December 2019 from Cabal Books:


Cover art

The cover for my forthcoming novel (December 2019, from Cabal Books), which I think is pretty snazzy. Special thanks to Nancy Cheairs, whose gorgeous painting the cover is designed around.

My new chapbook

My new chapbook of poems, Alphabeticon (Staring Problem Press) is now available. Cover art by the lovely Cheryl Mesler. A steal at $7.50.
Copies can be ordered signed or inscribed from Burke’s, here:

I also want to give a shout-out to the press. If you don’t care about having it signed you can order direct from the press for only $5.