A new blurb

for my forthcoming poetry book, Among the Mensans:

“Corey Mesler knows how to carve a poem out of silence, to amaze us by shaping nothing into something. Reminds us of the connection between poetry and religious experience. I lean towards his domestic poems, so quiet that they startle us all the more with their imagery. “My Dog and Me,” for example, is like a koan, made for rereading. Mary Oliver might find herself envious of Mesler’s dog poems. Other lyrics shock us with laughter and a fresh take on the sacred. “Joseph,” for example, gives us new perspective on virgin birth, a take that sounds honest and real. Not at all stuffy or affected, this volume is a subtle surprise party for language and its readers.”

––Marilyn Kallet, author of 17 books, including The Love That Moves Me, poetry from Black Widow Press.

Another nice blurb

…for my forthcoming full-length book of poems.

“It’s hard to read Corey Mesler’s Among the Mensans and Other Poems without thinking of Trout Fishing in America. Mesler has written a slightly elevated Brautiganian tome.  The river comes to life, the river moves and is borrowed. The river has a conversation with you. These words are not in vain. They’ll move your rivers. They make your lovers come back to life. Among the Mensans maps out an entire life in poetry. It’s full of memory and an acute awareness of the finiteness of the human experience. Let Mesler tell you the story of his life…the accessible language and sometimes just above real imagery will parallel your story. You’ll learn you can make poetry out of whatever you are holding.”

Rick Lupert, author of Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman, publisher at poetrysuperhighway.com.

A mess of poems

….here at Five 2 One:


Robert Walker

I am especially proud of this endorsement for my novel, Robert Walker, since it came from Pat Morgan, whose book, The Concrete Killing Fields, is a study of the homeless in Memphis.

“Corey Mesler’s latest novel, Robert Walker, is a gem, a realistic story about a fictional, middle-aged, homeless man who’ll steal your heart. What makes the book so special is that it gently leads the reader to a fuller understanding of the losses and traumatic events that so often lead to sleeping on the streets or in shelters or in jails. I quickly found myself intrigued by “Robert Walker,” still well enough to know that he has problems, but sick enough to simply continue trudging through the streets, parks, soup kitchens and other outreach programs along the well-beaten path of homelessness in Memphis, Tennessee. Luckily, that path includes a program (fictional) where he finds a measure of understanding, healing, and hope, all of which are critical to recovering from, and exiting homelessness, something the author clearly understands. Read this gentle book and you may well have a better understanding of homelessness.”
Pat Morgan, author of The Concrete Killing Fields

Two new poems

…here in Subterranean Blue:


New poetry book

Friends, I just signed a contract with Iris Books for a new full-length poetry collection, entitled Among the Mensans. Release date sometime in the fall.

The Best Bookstore in Tennessee

….according to Real Simple (plus a shout-out to my little novel-that-could).