One new poem

…Here in The Whale:

“I went to the river because it moved” by Corey Mesler

One new poem

…handsomely illustrated, here in The Machinery:

Me free

For all ye who read books electronically, did ye know that a couple of my books are available for free? Yeah, free. Here:

and here:

You’re welcome.

A sneak peek

A sneak peek at the cover for my novel, Robert Walker, coming in September from Livingston Press.

Photographer: David Tankersley
Male model: Jon Sparks

Robert Walker cover1

Another one sentence poem

…here again at One Sentence Poems (sorry I didn’t do them both at once):

A one-sentence poem

….here at One Sentence Poems (from the good people who brought you Right Hand Pointing:

A plug

“This gentleman is a heck of an author. His novel, ‘Memphis Movie,’ was recommended by friends of mine and he is an exceptional talent.”
–Tom Shadyac, director of ‘Patch Adams’ and ‘I Am.’

Tom Shadyac