Three new poems

….Here in Far Enough East:

Poem accepted

I just got a poem accepted by Poetry Magazine. This is Olympia. This is as good as it gets. They are, hands down, the finest poetry journal this country has ever produced. They published “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” They’ve published everyone. Here:

Step right up, congratulate me….

Now I shall retire. I’ve written enough.

Nice words

“Corey Mesler’s poems are the antithesis of what drives people away from poetry. They are easy reads, understandable and beautiful in their simplicity, yet full of imagery and depth. One rarely comes away from a one-page poem without a better understanding of life or its intricacies — and with that ‘wow’ feeling. You get to know Corey through his poems because he, and his work, are the real thing.”

–Harry Calhoun, author of Failure is Unimportant


One new poem

One new poem, here in Purple Pig Lit:

Cover art

Here is the cover of my forthcoming book of stories, As a Child, from MadHat Press. I think it’s staggeringly good, mostly because of the transcendental painting by the ridiculously talented mage (and my pal) Tim Crowder. Many thanks to him and to MadHat for caring what a book looks like.


As a Child Final Cover192



One new poem

…here in Exfic:

A new novel

I just got word from Livingston Press that they have accepted my novel, Robert Walker, for publication in late 2015 or early 2016.  I am  as happy as a rose-tree in sunshine.